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Arduous Wall
Arduous Wall provides a unique solution to nonstructural interior walls and partitions. Our prefabricated wall sections can be individually designed and constructed to provide a complete wall package with necessary supports for handrails, outlet / switch boxes, wire-ways, and plumbing access covers. Standard walls are 1x1 studs with .050 powder-coated aluminum bonded both sides, 1-3/16" overall thickness. The wall sections mount in a 2" deep overhead channel and a 1" deep lower channel. Each wall section can be inserted into the upper channel, then lowered into the lower channel and secured with screws. With the use of floor base, all fasteners are invisible.


  • Custom Wall Thickness Available
  • Single or Double Sided Wall Finish
  • Insulation


Arduous Window
Wrap Arduous Window Wrap is designed for use with our Arduous Wall System or with other joiner systems. These monolithic window wraps are fabricated from aluminum to fit your specific window application. They have no visible mechanical fasteners - for a clean and attractive appearance.

Custom designs are available.
We currently offer several window-wrap designs and custom designs are available. Style #300 is a simple and clean flush mount; Style #500 is a bolder surface mount style. Both styles can be finished to match or contrast with the surrounding wall. Our exclusive Arduous 316 stainless coating is an option!


Arduous Modular Toilet/Shower Unit
A quality unit that is durable, lightweight and easy to clean and maintain! The Arduous Toilet/Shower Unit is available in custom sizes, colors, finishes and configurations. Friendly large radius corners are used inside and out when the design allows. This modular unit can be shipped completely assembled or in easy-to-manage sections (with pre-hung door, lights, and fixtures - including stubbed in plumbing). We fabricate the wall sections in our plant to ensure quality control. The Arduous Modular Toilet/Shower Unit is constructed from .060 aluminum wall coverings bonded to aluminum-studded walls. Each studded wall section is carefully laid out to match desired seam locations and then welded in a fixture to ensure squareness and uniformity. Next, the sections are jig drilled for leveling screws and connection holes. The interior and exterior wall skins are formed in our sheet metal department to fit the shower unit using large radius corners where possible and Pittsburgh seams.



  • Handrails
  • Shower Curtain and Rod
  • Surface Mounted Towel Bars
  • Coat Hooks
  • Surface Mounted Soap Dish
  • Mixer Valve
  • Ventilation Grill
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Lavatory Door
  • Stainless Steel Shower Surface

The wall seams are placed away from the interior and exterior corners, providing a clean sanitary look. The completed wall skins and studded wall sections are bonded together with a marine grade urethane and adhesive tape to provide 100% coverage on the aluminum tubing. With the panel set in place, pressure is applied to ensure 100% adhesion. The wall sections are then ready to be assembled into toilet/shower units. This can be done at our factory or on site. The wall sections are joined at Pittsburgh seams made liquid-tight by applying a small bead of urethane adhesive. By using stainless steel bolts to fasten the pre-drilled end studs of each numbered section together, the wall sections are quickly assembled. Once the wall sections are bolted together, the door headers can be slid in place and screwed to the top of the walls. With the door headers in place, the unit is ready for the ceiling panels. Two separate preformed ceiling sections are then installed and fastened to the wall sections. The unit is now ready to be leveled and fastened to the bulkhead linings

A small bead of marine grade urethane applied to the Pittsburgh seam creates a liquid-tight joint. The 1"x1" framing is joined using �-20x3" stainless steel bolts and nyloks.


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